Easy to find popular Ramen shops in Japan!

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RamenDays is an app you can easily find popular ramen shops which are located in Japan. If you have any plan to go to Japan or you are interested in ramen in Japan, please use RamenDays.

After release in Japan App Store in January 2014, more than 25,000 ramen records and more than 7,000 ramen shop information were posted. Around 200 ramen records are posted everyday. Especially there are a lot of records and information in Sapporo and Hokkaido which are famous as ramen hot areas in Japan.

This time, we released English and Chinese (traditional Chinese characters) versions of RamenDays to be used by person all over the world.

The catch phrase of RamenDays(毎日がラーメン) in Japan App Store is “Record and share ramen records you ate. And challenge ranking in the app!” A lot of Ramen fans in Japan are recording and sharing ramen records everyday.

Of course RamenDays is available in all over the world. When you also eat ramen except for in Japan, please record and share!

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  • - Take a photo and post it with the shop name, the name of ramen and your comments etc
  • - Ranking of ramen lovers and ramen shops (monthly, weekly)
  • - Display all photos on your timeline
  • - When you find a photo that looks good, tap“Yummy!”and/or comment
  • - Find ramen shops around you on the map
  • - Share your post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

contact : [email protected]